backup diesel power generators

Industry Backup Generator Standard Sizes

Industries are unique when it comes to power needs. The amount of power used depends on operational factors and the surrounding environment. In times of need, efficient and reliable backup generators can make a difference. Thus, it is important to know how much power is needed to ensure its optimum performance.

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Industrial generator price

How Much Is My Generator Worth?

Having an industrial backup generator may come with a mix of emotions: peace of mind if power goes out, financial ramifications, and sometimes the fear of not knowing if the unit will is still functional.

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Checking the industrial generator

Tips For Buying A Used Generator

One of the tips on buying a used diesel generator is, look for diesel generators for industrial use. They have been designed for use in industries where fuel oil is used not natural gas.

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diesel electric generator

How To Sell Used Commercial Generator

Having surplus equipment that you can no longer use takes up a lot of space in your storage. The process can be quite intimidating and can be difficult to execute if you do not seek the service of a professional decommissioning company like Liquis.

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Generator Removal Decommissioning- Sell My Generator

Proper Generator Removal

If you are experienced in the field of generators, you may already be aware of what this post is going to discuss. But for those who are not, we hope that this information will be helpful in understanding how to properly take out a commercial, industrial and backup generator.

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Electric generator

Types Of Standby Diesel Generators

Standby generators are motors that generate prime power electricity for use in remote areas, and it is that they have a low operational time, usually less than six hours. The fuel that these motors run on is diesel which gives them their name.

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