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Liquis is a leader in generator removal and relocation services, and will buy your equipment for top dollar. If your equipment is in good condition, here are the easy steps to sell new or used generators with Liquis.

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Types Of Used Generators Liquis Accepts

Diesel Generators

A diesel engine generator is the most popular type purchased by a lot of companies. This type of generator is not dependent on a grid and has its own fuel storage. It is well made and very powerful with a lifetime warranty and needs little maintenance. Thus, it is considered the most sought-after engine model in the industry.

However, this type of generator is highly dependent on refueling due to its limited storage and the sound it makes is very loud. Be sure to take note of that.

movable compressor
Power generator

Gas Standby Generator

Gas generators can run on diesel, propane or natural gas. Whichever type, the advantage of a gas generator is its connection to a gas line. This makes it easier to refuel, or sometimes be connected to an endless supply of fuel that lasts longer without having a limited capacity.

The downside to that is the gas line. Having it constantly connected poses a lot of safety hazards compared to other types of stationary machines. This generator set is more fragile and has a shorter lifespan compared to a diesel generator even with good maintenance and upkeep.

Bi-Fuel Standby Types

Bi-fuel generators combine both Diesel and Gas generator systems. This process draws energy to the available source. If you are tank is full then it will draw power from there. As it depletes, the machine will then access the gas line for power. To put it simply, you can enjoy the best of both worlds!

Standby generator

We Buy Generators And Sell Generators Online At Liquis!

Proper Generator Removal

Removing a generator is one of the processes a business has to face when shutting down its data center facility. One of our specialties here in Liquis is the removal of generators from facilities.

Aside from how to remove a commercial generator, we also move other power equipment, used equipment. Our extensive experience gives us a competitive advantage against other companies. Having been in the industry for more than 20 years(175, 200 hours), we pride ourselves on excellence and professionalism. We make sure you get the best when you pay us your top dollar.

Note: Please refer to our article on Generator Removal for more information.

What We Do At Liquis

We Remove, Relocate, Sell And Buy Backup Generators

We buy generators with 150 kilowatts and above. We have top-notch rigging and removal expertise. Preferably, we are looking for model manufacturers like Caterpillar, GE, Magnetek, MWM, Solar, Cummins, Generac, MAN, MWM/DEUTZ, Wartsila, Cummins Wartsila, Kohler, MTU, and Shindaiwa to name a few.

Some of the other inventory we are looking for:

Buy Industrial Generators At Liquis

Looking where to buy used generators for sale? You can purchase a used generator or industrial generator from us. You can search and contact us for our inventory of new and refurbished generators. Get value for your money with our impressive deals! 

General Services We Offer

Aside from buying surplus generators we also excel in the following services:


There are factors to consider when pricing your used equipment. These are not set in stone but they are major considerations:

  • Type of generator
  • Frequency of use
  • Overall state

To find out how much your generator is worth, contact us and we will give you an accurate appraisal on how much it can be sold.

It will depend on the brand but from our point of view, the cheapest can be bought at around 12 grand and the most expensive can go as high as 30 grand.

You can purchase a new generator at any online store. If you are on a budget, you can opt for something that is already used, well-maintained, and performs very well. You can contact us, or seek out other reputable generator liquidators or resellers.

That really depends on your area. But here at Liquis, we do not discriminate. We can go to your location and help you in selling your equipment.

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You will find the answers here at Liquis.

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