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Types Of Standby Diesel Generators

Standby generators are motors that generate prime power electricity for use in remote areas, and it is that they have a low operational time, usually less than six hours. The fuel that these motors run on is diesel which gives them their name. These generators can withstand very high temperatures because of the fuel being used. It takes around 5 minutes to get ready when a power outage occurs and 1-2 minutes to switch over from normal power to standby. The operating time of a backup generator is determined by the load that requires running.

To help you decide which generator is right for you, you should know exactly what each of them does and how they can be beneficial to your individual needs.

What Are The Three Types Of Standby Power Systems?

Three types of standby power systems are available, each having its own unique features, as well as its own advantages and disadvantages over the others.

Gasoline-Powered Backup Generators

With gasoline-powered generators, you suffer from high running costs due to the fact that they run on gasoline. These generators are highly mobile and they also have lower maintenance costs. Some of them also come with automatic startup, thus ensuring more convenience for you.

Standby Diesel Generators

These are the most effective choice if you don’t want to keep replacing your generators every time you need to. These generators run on diesel and operate very quietly compared to other types of generators. They also have low running costs and don’t require much maintenance because they don’t break down easily.

Hybrid Power Systems

A hybrid power grid combines the advantages of a gas-powered system with those of a diesel standby generator, thus giving you more benefits than what an ordinary generator could give. The system runs very quietly and will start automatically when power outages occur.

How Many Types of Diesel Generators Are There?

There are basically eight types of standby generators. Knowing what they do and how they work can help you to know if one will be good for your continuous electrical power needs or not.

  • Mobile or portable
  • Bunk
  • Modular
  • Wheelhouse
  • Cruise house
  • Basement type
  • On-site alternative power system
  • Utility company upgrade program.

What Is A Standby Diesel Fuel Generator?

A standby generator is a prime efficient and effective way to provide continuous power for your home when there are power outages. It is a reliable source of emergency power that can be used in homes, businesses, and industry sectors. It runs on diesel fuel which enables it to work for up to eight hours before refueling.

Standby Diesel Fuel Generator Types

There are two standby generators you need to consider: Alternating Current standby engine generators and Direct Current electrical power generators.

Alternating Current Generators

An alternating current generator is designed to provide backup for your home in the case of an outage. It is connected directly to your distribution panel, and it will switch over from normal energy to standby energy very quickly. This generator type is available in different capacities so as to suit individual needs. The drawback of these units is that some of them are rather expensive due to their state-of-the-art technology.

Direct Current Backup Power Generators

A direct current generator is a standby diesel generator used in industries, hospitals, and industry sectors that need a 24/7 power supply and requires a computer data system or medical equipment to operate. This generator has a diesel engine and a rectifier which produces direct current. Its automatic transfer switch is a highly efficient and effective source of electricity during power interruption for these facilities since they require a consistent power supply.

Choosing The Right Standby Diesel Generator

Here are some of the best standby diesel generators in the market:

  • Generac 10 kW Guardian Series home backup generator, Model 7172
  • Generac PowerPact 7,500 watt industrial generator, Model 69981
  • Cummins 13 kW QuietConnect Home diesel generator, Model RS13A
  • Briggs & Stratton 10 kW Automatic home standby generator, Model 040375

When deciding on purchasing a source of power, you should keep your needs in mind. If you want something that has an emergency power to keep home appliances running when the power fails, you have two options available to you: Alternating Current standby or Direct Current standby. Both are good choices, but it depends on what your needs are and which one will best suit them.