Checking the industrial generator

Tips For Buying A Used Generator

Most people have never even seen a generator up close, but it’s very common for generators to be used in most establishments and data centers. Generator technology is designed to provide backup or emergency electric power, but can even sometimes be used as a smart prime power source.

The cost of one of these critical pieces of diesel equipment can be astronomical, so this article will guide you through the sale.



Buying Used Generator Engines

One of the most important questions to consider is whether a used unit is better than a new one. Many people will say that they’d rather buy a new generator , as these engines are full of power, rugged, and have a longer life.

When you buy a used standby machine, dealers typically acquire generators 2-3x less the price than new ones.

Here’s some of our favorite used diesel generator tips in buying in the most effective way:

Look For Industrial Diesel Generators

One of the tips on buying a used diesel generator is, look for diesel generators for industrial use. They have been designed for use in industries where fuel oil is used not natural gas.

Diesel generators are complex pieces of machinery that need to be properly maintained and tested by qualified technicians. if the physical wear of the unit is maintained, it will avoid being low hour.

One of the best places to find high quality equipment in the most cost effective way is on Craigslist – but make sure to check the title and additional features carefully as these machines may be very different from those you would find at your local home or shop supply store.

Consider Repairing Diesel Engines

If you want a reliable used generator, but don’t want to spend a lot of money, repairing spare parts from a second hand car or a used car is a great choice as well. Many of these engines can be on sale or less the price than from the actual store, and they will power your home for years. To not have a hard time to test the wear and tear,  replacing the bearings and bushings is the best course of action, a welds check should also be considered. Check as well if the merchant can support what you require, it includes having in-house experts, dyno-testing gear, and circuit testers.

There are many sellers on the internet but you can buy a used generator from industry veterans like Caterpillar and Cummins. They have a long history so the equipment is usually very rugged and powerful avoiding tear amid activity.


Repairing Diesel Generator


Major Considerations

Each machine has its own issues, which you should know before purchasing. Here are a few things to consider when you buying used generators:

  • Check generator manufacturer’s history
  • Ask the history of the item from the previous owner
  • Perform a visual inspection of its mechanical components/mechanical parts
  • How many hours can it run based on usage information, age hours and usage, manufacturer history, odometer reading
  • Check whether regular repairs covered electrical parts like exchange switches, power units, and generator closes.
  • Perform a standard test, like a load test to determine if it can handle the load.

Liquis: Office Decommissioning Experts

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