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How To Sell Used Commercial Generator

In this article, we will be giving you tips on how to effectively sell your generator and discuss other matters you need to consider to generate sales for other used equipment.

Interested In Selling Used Generators?

Having surplus equipment that you can no longer use takes up a lot of space in your storage. The process can be quite intimidating and can be difficult to execute if you do not seek the service of a professional decommissioning company like Liquis.

There are a variety of reasons why you need to dispose of this type of equipment. First, you have to move out of your current building and no longer have the same storage capacity in the new building you are transferring to. Second, you no longer have the need for used commercial industrial generators and the extra cash will help you grow your business.

Here are some useful tips that we would like to share when you are considering selling used power generators:

Can You Sell A Generator? Make Sure That Your Used Generator Is In Top Shape

Buyers will never purchase used equipment or engine that is not maintained properly. They always consider the value of their money and would not settle for anything less. So be sure to have your equipment serviced, checked up, and maintained before you decide to sell it.

Pictures tell a lot of stories that which is why for the sake of proof, you have to send pictures that your generator is working well and in top shape.

Generator Type – Popular Brands Are Preferred

Buyers are also particular with the make and model when planning to buy a used power generator. From 10kw to 3000kw and an engine that operates on diesel fuel or natural gas are top choices. Brands like Caterpillar, Cummins, Olympian, and Kohler are popular choices when it comes to a used power generator.

If you have any of the brands mentioned above and if the unit is in great condition, you can consider selling your used power generator to the right company that offers such service.

Generator Price – Make Your Client’s Money Worth It

The selling price will depend on the frequency of usage, wear and tear, current market price, and the type of engine your industrial generator (diesel or gas) you have. If your generator is well-maintained and still operates like it is brand new, then you can sell it at competitive pricing.

Liquis Center Decommissioning Services

People who are interested in selling power equipment used generators like industrial generators, natural gas generators, and any other type of generator are welcome to avail of our services. The sale of this type of equipment can be a grueling process that why we are here to provide our support.

We specialize in buying and selling equipment like these. We can also help you find used power generator purchasers. Click here to find out the other services that we can help you with.

If you decided in selling your used power generator, please fill out our selling form here. After you fill out the form, we will get in touch with you right away and discuss how our purchase process works and how long it takes for sales to commence. Our free consultation is open to everyone who is interested to sell their used generator.

Contact us by giving us a call at our toll-free phone number 800-437-9703 or you may contact us through our email info@liquis.com. Our working hours are from 9 am to 5 pm during weekdays. Phone us at these schedules and we will surely accommodate you in any way we can.

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