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How Much Does An Industrial Generator Cost?

Power loss can impede daily work operations and lead to financial losses. So, has your business finally decided to invest in a standby generator? Business computer systems, elevators, smoke detectors, security systems, and more can operate on a permanently installed industrial backup generator.

Certainly, a commercial generator is crucial for a business. However, with so many types and sizes available, it would be challenging to know its cost. If you want to know the cost of the best industrial generator for daily business operations, then keep reading.


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What Is An Industrial Generator?

During an outage event, power generators such as the industrial type are important because they keep the lights and equipment on in a workplace. Installation of unit generators, either diesel generators, propane type, or natural gas, is vital as this ensures business continues regardless of the time and location of an outage.

A generator’s sole function is to transform mechanical energy from an external factor into electrical energy. Generally, the Faraday law of electromagnetic induction is the basis for its operations.

Generators in commercial settings are not at all like you use in homes or small businesses. These commercial generators must be built to withstand difficult circumstances such as bad weather, emergency factors, or when the power grid breaks down.

They must also offer electricity in various voltages and frequencies (from 120 to 48 volts and single phase to three phase generator) and kilowatt ranges (20 kW to 2500 kW). This machine is typically more personalized to your needs than the standard variety. You can also choose whether your machine is fuelled with diesel, propane, natural gas, etc.

Different Types Of Industrial Generators

A power generator for commercial use is different from a residential one. These generators are necessary for operation under demanding conditions for long periods. Industrial generators come in various sizes, with outputs anywhere from 20 kW to 2500 kW from engines producing 150 hp to 4000 hp.

Choosing and purchasing the right generator to get the most access for your commercial purposes would be best. The following are the different types of this generator that will provide backup power for your building:

  • Diesel generator
  • Natural gas generators
  • Petroleum
  • Portable industrial generator
  • Marine generator
  • Heavy fuel oil generator


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The Cost Of An Industrial Generator

If you want to purchase a generator, you can choose a popular option wherein a generator runs on a different fuel source or by size. Your project’s power needs, like mining, building construction, and others, will determine the type of industrial generator you require, affecting its price. Also, remember the generator’s installation and the watts and voltage provided by the machine can affect the cost.

Natural gas-powered generators use conserved natural gas to produce electricity and use no liquid. Your electric utility can connect engine-powered natural gas generators to your business. To cut costs, they burn gaseous fuel. If you want a fuel-efficiency machine, choose this type of generator as natural gas swings less, lowering upfront expenses by 10–20%.

Generally, industrial generator prices vary by size. A standby generator for small workplaces costs roughly $22,000, powering office freezers, water heaters, and air conditioners. Meanwhile, one large generator to power an industrial facility costs $125,000. These generators supply commercial refrigerators, heavy machinery, and entire facilities.

Prepare Your Workplace For Potential Blackout

All generators are essential in power outages, but industrial generators are more important if you have businesses or commercial projects. Generally, generators are more efficient and effective if you install one based on your specific needs.

Preparing your workplace or commercial activities for a potential power outage will make you and your employees’ life easier in continuing business operations in your workplace.